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Bring Order to the Chaos of Storyboarding

Flix brings order to the chaos of story development, so Creatives can focus on great storytelling, and Production can be confident projects run like clockwork.


Flix makes life easier for both Creative and Production teams. Which one are you?

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Why Flix

  • Free yourself of administrative tasks

    Focus on the creative. Flix takes care of naming, versioning, storing and organizing your files. Artists are liberated from mundane chores while developing stories.
  • An intuitive workflow to iterate freely

    Flix allows you to easily revisit previous ideas, repurpose sequences, and explore new possibilities. Intuitive tools and tracking let production focus on anything that can’t be automated.
  • Collaborate efficiently

    Creativity has no borders. Access the best talent in the industry, where they are. Work across teams, departments and geographies to develop the best stories possible, together in one story development hub.
  • Keep using the tools you love

    Whatever your preferred way to bring your ideas to life, Flix will automatically connect with your favorite sketching and editorial applications, preserving the authenticity of your idea.


Flix 6.3 brings new levels of security with HTTPS, faster imports, and an enhanced Avid Dialogue workflow—saving you time to focus more on what matters.

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Discover the iterative story development

Flix lives at the heart of your pre-production, making it easier for teams to collaborate together and iterate on ideas.

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