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3D projection painting

full support for UDIM workflows

3D painting without limits

Mari frees artists from limits of resolution and complexity. With full support for UDIM workflows, you can work with hundreds of high-resolution texture maps as though they were a single tile. With Mari, the only limit is your imagination.

Projection Painting

Projection painting

Don’t get locked down - Mari’s projection based painting system allows artists to make adjustments and edits to paint before committing it onto a model. Artists can paint on what feels like a virtual piece of glass, preview their paint in context with the whole asset, make 2D adjustments like warping, and all before baking it down across all texture maps.

Procedural workflows

Nondestructive layer stack and node graph

Nondestructive layer stack and node graph

Mari’s nondestructive layer system lets you freely mix paint with adjustment layers, procedurals and masks to build your shaders. Whether you’re working in the traditional layer stack, or making and editing connections directly in the node graph, you can reorder, add and delete layers at will; change blend modes at any time; and bake or flatten layers together.

Procedurals, adjustment layers and masks

Procedurals, adjustment layers and masks

An extensive range of procedurals make it easy to create the look you want. Adjustment layers allow you to filter or color grade your painting nondestructively in real time. Control where paint is applied by painting a mask, using a procedural, or using surface attributes such as edges, depth, backface and even ambient occlusion.

Material system

Design and Apply Presets in One Application

Design and apply presets in one application

Mari’s Materials System gives artists the ability to quickly and easily create less complex, higher-volume assets or lay down the building blocks for your hero asset. Mari’s workflow enables artists to rapidly block out the look of an asset using material presets, without having to start from scratch. Artists can then use all of the detail-painting power of Mari to weather and finish the final art direction, giving artists the best of both worlds in one application.

Ingest PBR Texture Sets

Ingest PBR texture sets

Mari allows artists to quickly import and convert any set of PBR texture maps into a Mari material preset. The Material Ingest Tool creates the presets, sets up the controls, and loads everything into the Mari shelf ready to use, allowing you to continually grow your material library. Artists can ingest thousands of PBR texture sets through Mari with ease.

Quality that scales

Complex Geometry Handling

Complex geometry handling

With the ability to scale to over one million polygons for a single topology without slowing down, and handle animated geometry with ease, Mari can cope with the toughest production meshes. Mari can also support thousands of textures per model via UDIMs, each of up to 32K x 32K pixels, so you can create hyperrealistic assets with almost limitless detail.

Streamlined look and dev

Streamlined look development

With Mari’s shaders, artists can paint textures in Mari with a higher confidence level knowing that their art will look correct in the final render. Working alongside render vendors we bring you four shaders: 3Delight, VRay, Unreal and Arnold, reducing the need to round-trip between Mari and Katana, and other DCC programs.

Production pipeline ready

Seamless data exchange feature

Seamless data exchange

Mari offers support for industry-standard formats like FBX, OBJ, Alembic and OpenEXR. Paint subdivision surface models natively in Mari with viewport smoothing driven by OpenSubdiv. No UVs, no problem: Mari supports the Ptex format alternative to UV based texture maps.

Ocio color management

OCIO color management

With OpenColorIO (OCIO) support, you can handle color transforms and image display across multiple applications by setting up a single profile to provide consistent colors across the board. Mari’s implementation eliminates the requirement to preprocess or post-process images into the correct color space, saving time and reducing errors. Artists can enjoy WYSIWYG color picking allowing artists to maintain persistent perceptual colors across multiple colorspaces.

Extensive Python API

Extensive Python API

Mari has an extensive Python API so that technical artists can automate workflows and studios can integrate Mari into their pipelines. Mari is built on Qt5, with Python access to the PySide2 API, custom artist tools with user-interfaces can be written and integrated directly into the main Mari application window.

Reduce pipeline friction with USD

Reduce pipeline friction with USD Preview Look Export

Mari 5.0 ships with a workflow to author USD Preview looks for assets look-developed in Mari, so artists can easily create preview looks for DCC’s with Hydra-powered viewports, like Foundry’s own Katana. This brings look development and lighting teams closer together, enabling artists to develop preview looks, alongside their production look, earlier in the pipeline.

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